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Wellness BodhiNA

Unwind in Wellness Bodhina

Step out of bustling Marbella and into the serene setting of the Wellness Bodhina, where you can completely unwind in a short time.

Relaxing massages, private wellness with Finnish sauna, Salt crystal cave, Steam bath, Hammam and Jaccuzi. Wellness Bodhina has it all.

Wellness Bodhina

Sauna and wellness facilities

In Wellness Bodhina, you can choose between two different saunas, each with its own characteristic features. They differ in temperature, atmosphere and, of course, in their effect on body and mind. For example, go for the ultimate sauna experience in the Finnish sauna with a temperature of around 90 degrees.

You can also enjoy the jacuzzi or steam bath and various hot and cold showers and completely unwind in our beautifully decorated rest room or private terrace.

Book the perfect day of sauna now and unwind completely.

Book your day of sauna now and totally unwind.

Facilities & offerings

Lie down on the spacious lounger and dream away among the colourful salt stones from the Himalayas and let the beneficial effects pamper your body. Salt aerosols are beneficial for the airways. The salt softens them and stimulates circulation. The temperature is around 60°C, allowing you to stay a little longer in the salt stone sauna than in a Finnish sauna. Afterwards, you may rinse off cold but a lukewarm shower is basically fine.

The ceiling temperature can rise above 80°C in this sauna, making it quite sweaty. Sweat can evaporate very easily in the hot and very dry sauna air. This evaporation process cools the body so that adults can easily spend 8 to 15 minutes in this high temperature and find it pleasant. A special and very effective sauna. It stimulates circulation and relaxes muscles and, in combination with cold rinses, increases resistance.

Relax your body and re-energise your mind. Steam is the recipe for total body cleansing. Unlike a sauna, a steam bath is actually very humid. Steam is blown in and condenses on the air, creating a dense, warm mist. This beneficial warm mist, together with the condensation of water vapour on your skin, slowly raises your body temperature, making you sweat. And that is precisely the intention. Therein lies the beneficial effect of a steam bath.

Bubbles in the open air. Perhaps the most delicious thing of all. Many people underestimate the warming up of the body when sitting in warm to hot water. Even after the Jacuzzi, the body needs to be cooled back down for a while. This does not have to be ice cold, but a lukewarm to cold shower is wise. If you combine the jacuzzi with sauna use, do not go in the jacuzzi for more than 10 minutes.

Our Hammam is a room for soap/scrub massages on a heated stone table. For best results, sit in the steam bath for 5-10 minutes beforehand. The practitioner picks you up there.

After the scrub, you are rubbed with a special soap or lotion that further conditions the skin. You will then be given a full-body massage after which the body is rinsed and cleansed. The steam of the hammam will not only completely relax, but also has beneficial effects on the skin. The pores will fully open and cleanse themselves. The steam is mixed with essential oils, clearing the airways. After a hammam visit, the skin will be radiant and the whole body will be refreshed.

Take a hot shower before starting wellness activities as well as a lukewarm to cold shower after using a sauna, steam bath or Jacuzzi. Cooling the body including the head after warming up is important. A cold rinse gives a kick and the feeling of being completely reborn. If you loathe a really cold shower, it will be a consolation that a somewhat longer lukewarm shower also works. However, the effect on the body will then be somewhat less present.

Wellness Bodhina

Practical information for an ultimate day in the sauna

First time sauna: read our tips

Never been to a sauna before and thinking of going for a day soon? Then Wellness Bodhina is the right address. Here, you will find two different saunas that are also suitable for first-time sauna visitors, and the staff will be happy to help everyone on their way to ensure that you can enjoy this wonderful adventure to the full.

A hot-weather sauna day

You might not have thought of it, but you can also go to the sauna in warm weather. You can relax inside or outside where we serve a delicious drink.

Opening hours Wellness Bodhina

Thanks to the wide opening hours, you decide when you want to relax. Our sauna can be booked six days a week and is open from 10 am to 11 pm. In addition, snacks and drinks can be ordered.