Wellness Bodhina

Tips for novice sauna visitors

Building up one step at a time

Starting with sauna bathing is mainly a matter of building up step by step. Especially slow and extensive warming up and thorough cooling down at the end of a sauna session is very important.

When visiting a sauna for the first time, it is best to start with a sauna with the lowest temperature. At Wellness Bodhina, for example, this is the salt crystal sauna (60°C). You will find that this temperature suits you just fine. After this, you can seek out our warmer sauna.

After a sauna, it is important to bring the body temperature back to normal ± 37°. You do this by cooling down as long as you warm up. If you have spent 15 minutes in a sauna, steam bath or whirlpool, take 15 minutes to cool down. Walk around outside and rinse off with cold water until you are back to your own body temperature. Cooling down correctly is especially important when you go home. This will prevent headaches, keep you from sweating and ensure you sleep soundly.

Towel or comfortable bathrobe

Take a large towel into the sauna that fits the whole body. This is comfortable and hygienic. Outside the sauna, wear a comfortable bathrobe or a clean wrap-around towel.

Jewellery is best taken off (or left at home) when entering the sauna. Necklaces, watches, rings and earrings can become glowing in a sauna cabin. This is not a pleasant feeling.

Where should you sit in a sauna?

A sauna often has several levels. Where best to sit in a sauna depends on what you find most comfortable. Warm air rises, so the higher you sit or lie in a sauna, the warmer it gets. If you don’t spend much time in a sauna or can’t stand heat, we recommend sitting as low as possible in the sauna. This will prevent you from standing outside the sauna room after only a few minutes.

If you decide to sit high up in the sauna, it is best to spend the last minute as low as possible. This will prevent any dizziness when you walk out of the cabin.

If you are an experienced sauna visitor, taking a seat on a higher bench is no problem, but if you are a novice, we recommend taking a seat downstairs.

The usefulness of a cold shower or plunge bath after a sauna

While visiting Wellness Bodhina, you can cool down under one of the cold showers at the end of a sauna session.

The use of a cold shower is that the body temperature raised in a sauna, steam room or whirlpool can be reduced in a short time by means of a cold bath or shower. During this drop in temperature, blood vessels are stimulated and blood circulation is promoted. In addition, proper cooling prevents headaches later in the day.

It is recommended to take the same amount of time after each visit to a sauna cabin to cool down again. If you have spent 15 minutes in a sauna, steam bath or whirlpool, take 15 minutes to cool down again.